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World War II Timeline ... 1941

World War Two Timeline
|Pre-War |1938-39 |1940 |1941 |1942 |1943 |1944 |1945 |Aftermath |

*** 1941 ***


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February 12, 1941

Rommel arrives in North Africa at the height of the British victory at El Agheila.


February 28, 1941

The German Reichskommandant in Holland, Seyss-Inquart, proclaimed an ordinance concerning the "duty for the performance of services."  This ordinance provided for the forced employment of Dutch citizens in Nazi-Germany and its occupied territories.

The deployment of foreign labor in Nazi-Germany between 1939 and 1945 represents the largest mass utilization of forced labor in history since the end of slavery during the 19th century. Reports show that in August 1944, 7.8 million foreign workers and prisoners of war were involved and, in addition to these, approximately 500,000 mostly foreign concentration camp inmates. By war's end an estimated 10 million slave laborers were involved.

Netherlands Association Of Slave Laborers - WW II

A comprehensive treatise on the subject has been added to the English-language edition of the website of the Netherlands Association of Slave Laborers (page: "Arbeitseinsatz") From a historical perspective this treatise is both unique and authoritative. Unique because we believe it to be the only one on the subject matter available on the internet. Authoritative because it has been written by the foremost authority on the subject.

March 24, 1941

Rommel pushes British out of El Agheila.


April 6, 1941

Germans invade Greece.


May 21, 1941

Bismarck photographed in Norway fjord.
The hunt begins!

May 26, 1941

Ark Royal torpedoes the Bismarck. Bismarck is damaged and forced to reduce speed.


May 27, 1941

King George V and Rodney silence Bismarck's guns and
and a torpedo from the Dorsetshire sinks the Bismarck.
Chase is over!


May 31, 1941

Final British surrender in Crete.


June 22, 1941

Barbarossa Campaign begins. Nazis attack the Soviet Union.


July 31, 1941

Hitler's Final Solution starts with order to Heydrich.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

August 14, 1941

The Atlantic Charter signed between England and the United States.


November 21, 1941

Rostov falls to the advancing German Army.


November 27-29, 1941

Soviet army launches counter-attack and retakes Rostov from the German Army. German General Rundstedt resigns over frustations with Hitler strategy.


December 5, 1941

German offensive against Moscow fails as Germans pull back to their winter positions. German army was within 19 miles of Moscow.


December 6, 1941

Soviet counter-offensive against Germans begins.


December 7, 1941

Video of Pearl Harbor surprise attack

Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941 - Photograph taken from a Japanese plane during the torpedo attack on ships moored on both sides of Ford Island.

Pearl Harbor Bombed by Japan.
Click for a description of the battle.

From the "Pearl Harbor Remembered" web page.

Click to great aviation art by Rich Thistle!
View and browse through some wonderful aviation art.

World War Two Timeline
|Pre-War |1938-39 |1940 |1941 |1942 |1943 |1944 |1945 |Aftermath |

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