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A World History Chart

Timeline chart of all human knowledge. Timeline wall chart of evolution, sciences, philosophy, literature, art, music history and world religions.
The largest scientific timeline in the world!

Medieval Scandinavia
Discover the world of Scandinavian history,
Norwegian genealogy, local archaeology and Norse mythology.

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    Dedicated mainly to book reviews on the war with a list of the all time top 10 books written on the Vietnam War and much more.

    Beautiful Feet Books
    Beautiful Feet has published hundreds of books, and is your source for history books. From American Literature Study Guides to Teacher Guides, Beautiful Feet can be your one stop shop for history books. So as you embark on your history through literature, keep Beautiful Feet Books on the top of your list.

    World War II Stalingrad Veteran Interview
    The following important interview with Herr Wigand W├╝ster, a World War II Stalingrad German veteran. Wigand Wuester has written many books on World War II and appeared on U.S. TV shows such as the PBS Special "Battle of Stalingrad."

    Lesson Plans on the Revolutionary War
    Learn more about Gregory Edgar fascinating historical fiction books geared to the teen reader plus lesson plans on the Revolutionary War -- for classroom use with Gregory Edgar's award winning young adult historical fiction novels, Patriots and Gone to Meet the British.

    Harriet Beecher Stowe
    Harriet Beecher Stowe by Wikipedia - Harriet Beecher Stowe traveled to Washington, D.C. and there met President Abraham Lincoln on November 25, 1862. Legend has it that, upon meeting her, he greeted her by saying, "so you are the little woman who wrote the book that started this great war."

    Ancient Egypt
    A resource about Ancient Egypt, Archeology and Antiquities of Egypt, including pyramids, temples and tombs.

    Deutsches Museum
    Located in Munich / Muchen one of the most fantastic technology and history museums in the world with interactive exhibits and exhibitions covering energy, communication, musical instruments, technology, natural sciences and more

    Frida Kahlo Museum
    La Casa Azul [The Blue House] was the place where Frida Kahlo, the most renowned Latin American artist in the world, came into this world, lived, and took her last breath.

    Museum of African American History
    The largest museum in New England dedicated to preserving, conserving and interpreting the contributions of African Americans with a campus in Boston and Nantucket.

    Smithsonian American History Museum
    Devoted to the scientific, cultural, social, technological, and political development of the United States.

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World History on the Web
History Resources From Around The Globe

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  • Christy's Garden of History - detailed world history timelines, maps, biographies, and more
  • EDUNet's Timemachine - Travel back to 10,000 years and see what's hot in world history after last ice age.
  • Fifth Epoch of World History, The - Book by William McGaughey about world history as emerging in five civilizations. Provides some brief descriptions and timelines of events for four of them.
  • World History Archives - Links to many on-line resources for the study of world history.
  • Global Studies
  • The Historian Underground - The site is dedicated to a critical analysis of History and its methodologies, as well as philosophy of history and historiography.
  • Historia's Castle - Java applet quizzes for world history students, with bookmarks for further consideration.
  • Historical Text Archive - History archive and links to world history sites.
  • The History Index - The index consists of a single large file (approximately 250 Kb) offering about 3000 connections arranged alphabetically by subject and name. Major gateways for various topics are marked in bold...
  • History of Humanity - Information on a seven-volume history of Scientific and Cultural Development published by UNESCO. Includes a sample chapter and full table of contents.
  • Horus' History Links - A good site for looking up some historical information. You can look at indexes sorted by subject, time and etc.
  • HyperHistory Online - "HyperHistory Online navigates through 3 000 years of World History with links to important persons of world historical importance; civilization timelines; events and facts; and historical maps."
  • International Migration - International migration from B.C. to this day.
  • Internet Global History Sourcebook
  • Lectures about Western Civilization till Thirty Year War - Good all round presentations by Professor Gerhard Rempel, Western New England College - understandable by laymen.
  • Magna Graecia - the Origin of Western Civilization - An educational source for the gathering and the study all apects of the origin and growth of Western Civilization.
  • Mr Jenkins History Resources - Comprehensive history resources for high school and college students
  • NM's Creative Impulse - An artist's view of world history and Western Civilization. Broad collection of links by subject to art, literature, and other cultural elements of the history of world civilizations.
  • Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends - An Archive of History and Historical Resources. All time periods from dawn of man to today.
  • TheHistoryNet Archives - World History - Collection of frequently updated articles, reviews, and photographs about historical events around the world.
  • Western Civilization - Western Civilization chronology.
  • World History - Timelines for each day in history and a universal history with timelines of countries, states and cities. Timelines include references and hypertext to other related timelines, often from source countries.
  • World History Archives
  • World History circa 1200 A.D. - Selection of short articles about world figures and events in the early thirteenth century.
  • World History Course - Complete course with notes, questions, and links, useful for homeschooling or tutoring at regular and advanced levels. Over 2500 links for over 40 different social studies categories.
  • World History Course on the Internet - Entire World History course by units. Pre-history, Classical Civilizations, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Revolutions, Victorian Era, Century of Wars, Global Perspectives. Also has over 2000 web links for social studies in 40 different categories. Great for home school or distance learning. Many activities plus notes and graphics. Teacher maintained site at school site
  • The World History Information and Entertainment - Lists of links, organized by country.
  • The World Lecture Hall - The World Lecture Hall (WLH) contains links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials. For translating course URLs from or into English, Spanish,French, German, or Portuguese, try a translation service. See also distance education courses offered by The University of Texas System.

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BBC Modern World History


Gateway to
World History

History Net

History of Internet and WWW
Internet Valley

History of Money
Roy Davies

History Place


Humanities and Social Sciences Net

of Congress


PBS Online

Interactive tour of patterns in politics.


Timeline of Communication History

World History
by Algis

World History

Middle East

Ancient Egypt and World Prehistory

History of Egypt

Egypt Egyptian

Egyptian Kings

Mark Millmore's
Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian
Virtual Temple

Christian Coptic
Orthodox Church
Of Egypt

of Israel

Black Africa's earliest civilisation
Musee Dapper in Paris, France.

African Traditional Religion

Yoruba and Akan Art in Wood and Metal

Baobab Narratives
Harvard University

Magical faces of Africa
Musee Dapper in Paris, France.

African Face Masks Wisconsin African Studies

Clickable Map of the African Continent

The Art of a Continent
Guggenheim Museum

Islam and
Islamic History
in Arabia and
The Middle East
Al Muhaddith
Islamic Library

Exploring Africa
An Exhibit of Maps and Travel Narratives from Leo Africanus to Chinua Achebe

Art and Life in Africa
Univ. of Iowa

African Art
Aesthetics and Meaning
Univ. of Virginia

Sukuma Museum

National Museum of African Art
Smithsonian Institution

Historical Text Archive
Donald J. Mabry

Mali Interactive Project
Rice Univ

South Africa
Can a Country Overcome its History?

African Timelines
By Cora Agatucci


Cultures of
the Andes

Lords of the Earth
Maya/Aztec/Inca Center

Native American
Indian Resources
By P.Geise

and the
Age of Discovery

Native American Conquest

Colonial Cycle


George Washington Papers
Library of Congress

Revolutionary War

Latino History

at Rochester

Civil War
Library of Congress

Civil War
History Place

Civil War
History Timeline

The West
PBS Timeline

Ellis Island

PBS Irish in America

in the
United States
Liz Library

World War I

Our Own
World War II

Korean War

American 1950s
at Univ Penn


Philip Randolph
PBS Chronology

Civil Rights
Civil Rights

History of the Vietnam War 101 - An Interactive Gallery - Presented by Bob Blackburn, Ph.D. and Edwin Moise, Ph.D

Vietnam - A Brief Introduction

Latin America
Student Histories
Historical Text Archive

US Presidents

Latin America Country Histories
Historical Text Archive

NASA Timeline

Latin America
Molly Malloy
(Large File)


The Coins of Ancient China

Genghis Khan
National Geographic

Part I
Central Asian History
Oxus Communications

Part II
Central Asian
Oxus Communications

Chinese Emperor

Our Own
World War II

Glimpses of
South Asia
before 1947

An Online
of Indonesia
Sejarah Indonesia

Asian History
ANU Coombs

Australian History

An Overview
Charles Sturt University

History of
the Kingdom of
Cambodia in Brief

Condensed History
of China
Paul Frankenstein

Journal of
Australian &
New Zealand

of China
By Leon Poon

History of Korea
UC Berkeley

History of Russia

History of Russia
Russian National Tourist Office

Brief History of Thailand - By Escati

Malaysia Timeline

New Zealand
Ancient and
Modern History

New Zealand Time Travel
Mike Pole

Electronic Journal
of Australian and
New Zealand History

Philippine History 101

Refugees from Laos
Historical Background
and Causes

Settlement of Polynesia
Dennis Kawaharada

History Museum

Asia Web

Tales of Old Shanghai

Timeline of Chinese History
Leon Poon

China Unique

Vietnam - A overview of the country

Classical Atlas Project
Greek and Roman

The Interactive Ancient
Mediterranean Project

Greece-Ancient on the Web

Dr. J's Illustrated
Guide to Greece

The Byzantine Empire
Catholic Encyclopedia

Medieval & Renaissance History - New York University

History Guide's
Lectures on Ancient
and Medieval European History

Medieval History
Catholic Univ


The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

Bradford Timeline
History of Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Virtual Renaissance

Family Portrait: The Medici of Florence

Social Conditions in 17th Century France
Modern History Sourcebook

Reformation Europe

Age of Enlightenment
France's National Museums.

Napoleonic Literature

Cathy's Wee Victorian Fashion Page, 1860s-1900s

World War I

Our Own
World War II

The Berlin Wall 1961-1989
German Internet Project

Scottish Timeline

History of Spain
Embassy of Spain in Ottawa, Canada

Timeline of British History

Primary Historical Documents


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