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U.S. Aces of World War II
Brief biographies and stories of high scoring
American fighter pilots of World War Two.

Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100
This site describes the events surrounding the loss
of the Canonesa, the attack on Convoy HX72, and the
exploits of the U-boat which sank seven ships in just
over three hours; U-100, captained by Joachim Schepke.

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World War II Timeline

World War Two Timeline
|Pre-War |1938-39 |1940 |1941 |1942 |1943 |1944 |1945 |Aftermath |

*** Pre-War ***


Event Web Site


Newsreel of Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini speaks on March 1929 to the American people (English Video)

Fascist regime takes
power in Italy.

Hyper-Inflation in Germany (Library of Congress LC-USE6- D-009361)
In Germany after the last war, it was possible to pay 50 million dollars for a nickel cup of coffee, and $35 million for a $35 suit of clothes. This Berlin woman, realizing that fuel costs money, is starting the morning fire with marks "not worth the paper they are printed on".

In Germany, the currency falls rapidly, depressing the economy. Resentment grows over the Versaille treaty and war reparations.
Windows on Italy

November 8, 1923

Beer Hall Putsch.

Hitler's first attempt to grab power in Munich, Germany. Nazi troops tried to march on the War Ministry. Shots were fired on the Nazi column and Hitler's troops scattered. Hitler and many other Nazis were captured and convicted for treason.



US in the 1920s.

More United States in the 1920's
Kevin Rayburn's 1920s


Short video of the start of the Great Depression

World Depression sets in.
Hitler assumes power in Germany.



Czechoslovakia before World War II

Czechoslovakia between the wars.

Czechoslovakia signed treaty with Soviet Union but insisted that France assist Czechoslovakia first.
Radio Prague's History Online Virtual Exhibit!


Video showing Jewish citizens in the Northern District of Warsaw, Poland filmed in May 1939, several months before the German invasion of Poland.

View photographs and histories of Jewish life in eastern Europe before World War II



Finland before World War Two.

Click to great aviation art by Rich Thistle!
View and browse through some wonderful aviation art.

World War Two Timeline
|Pre-War |1938-39 |1940 |1941 |1942 |1943 |1944 |1945 |Aftermath |

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