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  • History Timelines ... The History Beat

    United States History on the Internet
    History Resources From Around The Globe

    Featured Site: U.S. Presidents Timeline and Facts

    Featured Sites: American Civil War

    | African Culture and Family History |
    | Asia History | Latin American History |

    The Forgotten War...
    Korean War History Guide

    European History and Culture

    The Great Depression, FDR
    and New Deal

    The Great War at the...
    World War One Web Guide

    13th Bomb Squadron Association
    Korean War
    Excellent Korean War Site!...
    One of the best history
    sites on the web!

    Medieval Scandinavia
    Discover the world of Scandinavian history, Norwegian genealogy, local archaeology and Norse mythology.

    Kingwood College Library
    American Cultural History
    The Twentieth Century

    History Research Online
    A collection of resources
    for graduates, undergraduates,
    teaching assistants, and other researchers.

    Sponsored Link
    The Web´s largest and fastest-growing collection of online searchable genealogy data. Resources that will assist you in your search for your family.

    Heritage Square Museum
    New York State

    Come visit a historic crossroads community of the mid-1800's.
       Step into the past and relive a touch of mid 19th Century Americana.
       See the sights, hear the stories, experience being where
    families like yours lived over a hundred years ago!

    Learn all about the... American Revolution

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    Go back to the... Civil Rights Movement!

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    Discover the Culture and History of... Native Americans

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    featured topics

    Ancient Greece Timeline and History Guide

    Famous Women in History

    September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack and Related Resources

    American Revolution

    Civil Rights Movement

    History of Persian Gulf War - Desert Storm

    US Civil War

    Great Depression

    History Timelines

    Korean War

    Kosovo in Context

    U.S. Presidents Timeline

    Vietnam War

    World History Resources

    World War I

    World War II History Books

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    Top History Sites:
    • Internet History Sourcebooks Project   - An extensive set of collections of public domain and copy-permitted historical texts, maps, and articles on a wide variety of historical areas and subjects. Compiled by Prof. Paul Halsall at Fordham University.
    • - A selection of stories about historic people and events.
    • Allexperts History - Volunteers answer all your one-on-one questions about all aspect of history.
    • Busca Biografias - Database with biographies of people from all eras.
    • CIA Publications - The World Factbook is produced by CIA's Directorate of Intelligence. The factbook is a comprehensive resource of facts and statistics on more than 250 countries and other entities. Includes an overview of the agency's organization, history, and mission.
    • The Dead Media Project - Our culture is experiencing a profound radiation of new species of media. This project is an attempt to catalogue many past forms of media so future generations might remember them. It's an anthropology study, a media history and a memorial.
    • Faces of The Millennium - Discover, learn and vote for the faces of the last millennium. Web links, homework searches.
    • Freeality Biographies Search - Search a wide range of Biographies sites to find the information you seek.
    • The Historian Underground - This site provides articles, links, and other resources related to historiography and historical methodology, as well as philosophy of history.
    • History and Historical Information Resources - Resources for professors and students in History, including a database of historical movies.
    • History Center - Short biographies of famous historical figures, descriptions of historical events, plus this day in history.
    • History House - History like you should have learned it. Bizarre stories, trivia, and books every week.
    • History Hub - History and world events; book reviews and links.
    • The History Page - A comprehensive directory of links, organized by period.
    • The History Ring - A web ring which links over a thousand historical web sites.
    • History Wiz - Source for history, original content, including multimedia exhibits, as well as links to other sites. Topics include world history, American history, and current events.
    • InHeritage - Preservation and Presentation - A digital preservation service devoted to supplying the hardware, software, and know-how to help small and rural communities preserve their histories.
    • MPI Networks - A moving image archive featuring more than 8,000 clips from the past 100 years of history.
    • Mr Heitmann's History Page - Comprehensive collection of links to history resources aimed at high school students.
    • The Net's Educational Resource Center - Reference site with more than 80,000 links to topics about American, Ancient, World and Modern history, reference sources, timelines and inventions.
    • Of the Ages - A history forum dedicated to those who want to learn more about history and even see their their own articles featured on the site and their manscript length writings on history published.
    • Online Speech Bank - This page contains [175] links to Internet sites with full text, real audio and video (streaming) versions of public speeches, sermons, legal proceedings, lectures, and interviews.
    • Ragz-International - Provides an overview of Western history From ancient Sumeria to World War Two, including profiles of major figures, timelines, photos, and interactive features.
    • Research and Learn Web Channel - Find research and reference tools from AOL and its partners.
    • Search Argos - Limited area search of the Ancient and Medieval Internet
    • StudyWeb: History and Social Studies - Includes a range of subjects and categories to help users narrow in on a topic for a report, find background material for a story, begin research for a paper or just increase their knowledge of a particular topic.
    • 20th Century History Glossary - A helpful and concise resource of historical people, places, events and terms of the modern age.
    • True Stories - Offbeat and unusual stories taken from history.
    • Western Culture - Links to websites about Western Culture and an online book on the topic.


    Tlingit National Anthem
    Alaska Natives Online

    History of the Cherokee
    Native American
    Indian Resources
    By P.Geise

    On This Date In North American Indian History
    Phil Konstantin

    Colonial Cycle
    Revolutionary War
    Search Beat

    Latino History
    at UCLA

    at Rochester

    Civil War
    Library of Congress

    Jefferson Davis
    Rice Univ.

    Civil War
    History Place

    Civil War
    A Year of Glory

    The West
    PBS Timeline

    Chinese American Museum in Los Angelesx
    Ellis Island

    World War I

    Chinese Americans
    in LA

    Our Own
    World War II

    Korean War

    American 1950s
    at Univ Penn

    Korean War History
    2nd Infantry Division


    Philip Randolph
    PBS Chronology

    Civil Rights
    by W. Michigan
    Pol Sci

    The Vietnam Experience

    The Vietnam War

    Timeline of The U.S. Presidents
    Parthenon Graphics

    U.S. Presidents
    Facts and Figures


    Chicago Timeline


    History Page

    President Einsenhower

    Heritage Square Museum
    New York

    History Link
    History of Seattle
    and King County, Washington

    Indiana Local History

    Virtual Jamestown
    Univ of Virginia

    Levi Jordan Plantation Web Site
    The multiple archaeologies and histories of a 19th century southern Texas plantation.

    Jefferson's Monticello

    Kansas Heritage

    Local History

    Local History

    Mount Vernon

    Nat'l Theatre DC

    New Hampshire
    Local History

    New York History

    Old Sturbridge Village

    Salem, Virginia

    San Francisco Timeline

    Local History

    of Honor
    Ellis Island

    Western History
    Photo Site
    The Photography Collection
    The Western History Department
    Denver Public Library

    Yellowstone Timeline

    Yosemite Timeline

    Ancient Greece
    Timeline and
    History Guide


    Miss. State

    Alexander Palace Time Machine

    Ancient Nubia

    History of Walloon Brabant
    About Belgium and Walloon Brabant

    Chinese Emperor

    Classical Music Timeline

    Collapse: Why do Civilizations Fall?

    County Kilkenny Ireland Timeline

    Cultures of
    the Andes

    Dr. J's Illustrated
    Guide to Greece

    Death of the Father
    An Anthropology of Closure
    in Political Authority -
    Explores fallout after deaths of
    century's patriarchal despots.

    Primary Historical
    Documents From
    Western Europe

    Greece-Ancient on the Web

    History of
    the Crusades
    Boise State

    Timeline of India
    By Kamat's Potpourri 

    History of
    Waterford, Ireland
    Dungarvan Museum Society

    Irish History
    in Maps

    Irish in America

    Kenya Cultural History

    Latin America
    Molly Malloy
    (Large File)

    Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt

    Medieval Timeline

    Medieval Timeline

    Parthenon Graphics
    Timeline posters
    of ancient history.

    Roman and Latin
    History in Dutch and English

    Scottish Timeline

    Virtual Renaissance

    World History

    World War II



    Chemical Engineering

    Gardening &
    Farming Timeline

    History of Money
    Roy Davies

    History of Science
    Univ of Florida

    Media History

    Mendell Timeline

    Modernism Timeline

    NASA History
    of the Universe

    Our Common Link to the Past

    PBS Great Performances

    Philosopher Timeline

    Recording Technology

    Steam Engine Library

    Telecom Timeline

    Voice of the Shuttle
    Science, Technology and Culture Page

    Famous Women in History
    The Annenberg
    CPB Projects

    Asian History
    ANU Coombs

    BBC Modern World History


    Journal of
    Australian &
    New Zealand

    Gateway to
    World History

    Humanities and Social Sciences Net

    History Net


    History Place


    U.S. Library
    of Congress


    Our Common Link
    to the Past

    B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

    PBS Online

    Asia Web



    Timelines of History
    By Parthenon Graphics

    Timeline of the World!

    United States
    Holocaust Memorial

    The Great War at... World War One Guide!

    The world at war ... World War II Online

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    By Search Engines in Review

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    Awarded the
    Cool Central
    Site of the Hour

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